A single ticket in Saturday Lotto equals four games, giving you four chances to win. (And, it costs very little.)

A System 10 ticket in Saturday Lotto gives you 210 chances to win ... 210 chances of knocking off the big one! But ... it costs $103.00.

How can you give yourself lots of chances to win - yet still be able to afford it?

The answer is a Syndicate: getting a number of people - friends, family, workmates, clubmates, social club - together to play, and sharing the cost equally. (Share a system 10 ticket with nine others, and it would cost you only $10.30)

And besides, it's lots more fun playing Lotto with a group.


Firstly, Retailer Syndicates must comply to a very strict set of standards. These standards are designed to make it easy for you, the player.

When you join one, you'll be given a syndicate ticket. This ticket lists the numbers that have been selected for the syndicate entry in which you have purchased a share.

So that you can be quickly contacted if the syndicate has a win, you or your Lotto Retailer will record your name and contact details.

The conditions of entry covering all Retailer Syndicates throughout Western Australia follow - and you should read them very carefully. If you have any questions, talk to your Lotto Retailer.


These conditions apply to the Syndicate Organiser, Lotto Retailer and the Syndicate member

1. The syndicate member acknowledges that the syndicate organiser is obliged to comply with the rules of Lotto.

2. The syndicate organiser may refuse to pay any share of a prize won by the syndicate to a person unless that person first supplies sufficient proof of identity of being the syndicate member entitled to the syndicate prize share claimed. Payment by the syndicate organiser to a person who provides such proof of identity shall operate as a complete discharge of the syndicate organiser's liability in respect of the relevant prize share.

3. The syndicate organiser shall be entitled to deduct from any prize money received by them on behalf of the syndicate any bank or statutory charges levied in respect of the prize money and to proportionately reduce each of the syndicate prize shares accordingly.

4. By paying for a share in a syndicate and receiving a syndicate ticket, the syndicate member acknowledges that he or she has entered into an agreement with the syndicate organiser on the terms and conditions available at the point of purchase.

5. A syndicate member acknowledges that the Lotteries Commission has no involvement in the organisation of a syndicate and shall not be liable in any dispute which may arise in relation to the conduct of the syndicate including, but not limited to, the payment of prizes to syndicate members.


All winning shares in Retail Syndicates are only claimable from the Retailer that organised and sold the shares in the Retailer Syndicate.

The retailer will present the winning ticket and claim the prize(s) from the Lotteries Commision on behalf of syndicate members.

The Retailer will calculate the amount to be paid to each syndicate member.

Prior to prize payment, the Retailer will require Syndicate members to provide proof of identity to claim syndicate prize shares.


When you play Lotto, you agree to be bound by the rules governing the game. They're available from your Lotto Retailer, and if any conflict should occur between the Rules and information contained in this brochure ... the Rules must take precedence. And, you must be 16 and over to buy Lotteries commision products.

Systems or Syndicates - the way to give yourself lots and lots and lots more chances to win when you play Saturday, Oz or Powerball Lotto. And, now you know how to play all three, what's your Lotto dream?


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